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1. “Pamela – I wanted to let you know that I have been truly appreciating my Pambras Bra Liners!  My daughter and I are normally homebodies, but made an overnight trip to Branson.  The temps were up to 106* as we were in and out of the car, stores, motel, etc.  Thanks to your great product, I never realized how sweaty I was.  We stopped in a Vanity Fair store and were trying on bras, when I took my own off I couldn’t believe how wet I really was.  My Pambras Bra Liner did an amazing job of keeping the elastic on my bra from chaffing me and kept me from be soaked!” – Dolores, Waynesville, MO.

2. “At, a retail website and print catalog with accessory items for plus-size people, we have been selling Pambra’s for nearly 20 years, since before the web was invented. I don’t think we have any other product in our catalog that receives more praise and results in fewer customer complaints than Pambra’s. In fact, I don’t think we have ever heard a complaint. Moreover, the female members of my family love ’em. If you wear a bra, and you perspire, you probably need this product. Not only that, some customers in North America appreciate the fact that Pambra’s is still made here!”
–Bill Fabrey, President
Bearsville, NY, USA

3. “Finally, I’m fascinated by the Pambra’s Bra Liner that I found on Solutions Site. At first I was going to make a joke about it, but the more I read the reviews, the more I realized there’s really a need for something like this. I think it’s great that a company is taking chaffing and perspiration seriously. The bra liner is certainly not a sexy accessory, but sexy isn’t what you’re thinking about on an international flight in an under wire bra or on the ground in 100% humility.” – Darlene (Review from blog: Red Violet Project)

4. “I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your bra liners. I have recently had a breast reduction operation and found that your liners greatly alleviate scar irritation and chaffing. I suspect that after the scars are fully healed I will continue to wear the lienrs because they provide comfort, additional support, and a sweat barrier. I wish you continued success. Thank you. Sincerely, Laura I.” – Letter submitted via mail

5. “I can’t thank you enough for the bra liners. Before you sent them I was unable to wear my bra at all or just for a very short time. My incision goes clear around my chest and up both breast. So you can see how your liners would relieve this soreness. Dr. Hilde will hear about them on my next visit which is Sept. 3rd. Thank you again for you kindness and your smarts. Maria T.” – Letter submitted via mail

6. “To whom it may concern: Thank you! I wanted to write and tell how please I am with your new product. I didn’t think I had a need for your bra liner until I recieved your free sample. I decided to try it on a very hot and muggy day. Not only did it work for perspiration but it was very comfortable. I’ve always been a little irratated with the elastic around my rib cage, now no more! In the late day to freshen up I no longer need to change my undergarments I either take off my bra liner or replace it in seconds. Thank you, Mrs. M. DeMascio” – Letter submitted via mail

The following are reviews from the website.

7. “The Pambra has solved a longtime discomfort problem for me, it is simple to use and makes each day much more comfortable.” – Mea, FL.

8. “This liner has helped me because I have skin tags on my ribs, the liner protects the skin from the elastic areas of my bras. I am very happy to have found this item.” -Janyce

9. “Wonderful! I was having problems with heat rash and rubbing from under wire bra’s. This product has alleviated both problems. So comfortable and easy to wear that I’m ordering more so I can have one from everyday.” – Amy, Dayton, OH.

10. “Now that I have discovered Pambra’s I cannot/ would not be without it. I suffered for years with what I call “bra burn” nothing helped! I am allergic to elastic or anything that resemble it. Now with Pambra’s my problem is gone!!! Thank You so much for this wonderful product.” – Doris, Hanover, PA.

11. “Fantastic! Just what I was looking for and needed. I was not coping very well with yeast infection under my breast and was trying to come up with a way to keep my skin from rubbing against my bra. Solutions came just at the right time and there it was… Pambra’s bra liners! Thank heaven someone thought of just what I needed. With the liners and a prescription powder my infection is gone. Thank You so much for your great product.” – Lynn, VA.

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