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Dr. Lashuan Favors

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Pambra’s are great! Gave them to some of my select patients and they raved about how fantastic they were. I tried them for myself and now understand what my patients were raving about. Every woman needs to add this product to their arsenal of garmentry! I compared Pambra’s to the leading perspiration wicking product and found that Pambra’s was by-far superior! Reason being that Pambra’s absorbs the perspiration and locks it away from the clothes and skin.  The competitor wicks the perspiration away from the skin and onto clothes.

Dr. LaShaun Smith-Favors DNP, FNP, MSN, BSN, PHN, RN, March 2014

Randy D. Conover, D.O.

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To Whom it may concern,

As a Family Physician, I have used Pambra’s for the prevention of Erythrasma, Candiasis and the prevention and treatment of Intertigo that can get infected with mixed infection of bacteria, viral, yeast, and fungus. By preventing these infections it prevents the pain and skin breakdown that occurs as a result of these diseases.

Pambra’s is beneficial in the prevention of multiple skin disorders and infections caused by the increased moisture and heat that is present without proper reduction of sweat and skin contact. I have found that Pambra’s is most effective in larger breasted woman and obese patients. Pambra’s have also been used in abdominal skin folds to prevent or treat the Intertigo found in those locations.

I recommend Pambra’s because of its effectiveness and ease of application. Since Pambra’s can be used repeatedly with proper care and cleaning. This also lowers the patients overall cost for prevention by eliminating the repurchasing of powders and creams often used for these purposes.


Dr. Randy Conover
June 25, 2009

Dr. Conover is a Board Certified Family Practitioner. He was Chief Resident in New York, Chief of Staff, and active in Physician leadership groups at local hospitals. He was a Major in U.S. Army Reserve until 2007. Currently, Dr. Conover serves on the State Board for the Arkansas Osteopathic Medical Association.