Original Style Bra Liner


The Original Style is where it all began years ago (1988).


A soft cotton liner worn in your bra, Pambra’s absorbs perspiration under and between the breasts. Pambra’s also adds comfort to that cute little under wire bra that isn’t always so comfortable.

So, toss out the powders, rags and mini pads so many have resorted to. It is our unique blend of fabric and cotton that absorbs moisture and keeps it away from the skin.  Doctor tested and approved, Pambra’s virtually eliminates the threat of fungus, and prevents heat rash from developing.

Pambra’s have no pins, hooks, or tapes; the liners have been proven to stay in place with a properly fitted bra. (A properly fitted bra has no more than two fingers space to pull away from the body.)

Pambra’s are sold in packages of three, one color per package, and are machine washable and dryer safe.

Available in White, Nude, or Black.

Pambra’s Size Bra Band Size Pambra’s Length
Small 34-36 14”
Medium 36-38 18”
Large 38-40 26”
X-Large 42-46 30”
XX-Large 48-50 36”

Actual fit will depend on how far you want the liner to go across the rib cage.